Gwalior. Corona infection is increasing continuously in the country. So far, about 5 thousand hairstyles have been done in Gwalior too. In such a situation, people’s attention is towards boosting their immunity at this time and for this they are adopting yoga. He has also increased the timing of yoga. At the same time, he is also focusing on Power Yoga. Along with boosting immunity through advanced yoga, he is also making himself slim trim. Youth are no longer restricting themselves to just pranayama and general yoga, they are learning new asanas from yoga instructors to keep themselves fit and slim.

Advance yoga is a bit tough
Advance yoga is a bit tough. These are helpful in fast weight loss and reducing belly fat. Youth who have been trained in general yoga are now preferring to do easy things like Shirshasan, Poornachakrasana, Viparita Karni, Sarvangasana, Halasana. Dhurnasana, Padahastasana, Surya Namaskar, Pawan Muktasana and Naukasana are most effective for belly fat. However, they should not be done by the elderly and patients recovering from corona.
Bhupendra Kant, Yoga Instructor

People have become health conscious, this time good gathering even in cold
At this time people are adopting yoga to develop immunity. In these, he is doing the most breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, pranayama. After the first and second wave of corona, people have now become more health conscious. That’s why cold I used to have fewer clients, but today the number remains the same. People are preferring online yoga more.
Gaurav Jain, Yoga Instructor

Power Yoga Burns 800 Calories in 45 Minutes
Standings in power yoga are not as easy as in normal yoga. It makes changing the posture and easy. In this, yoga is done in less time. Two or three easy ones are combined into one. It burns more calories. In normal yoga where 500 calories are burnt in 45 minutes. In this, 800 to 900 calories can be burned.

Cholesterol, carbohydrates are quickly reduced
Corona patients should do normal yoga, it strengthens the lungs. To get more benefit in less time, youth are now powering up. In normal yoga, where the beginning is made slowly and the end is done gradually. In power yoga, there is a rapid beginning and end. Due to this, cholesterol and carbohydrates are reduced quickly.

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