We’ve been enjoying a lot of family game nights this winter likely due to the fact we’ve been gifted with some superbly cold nights and we just enjoy each other’s presence. But if it was my turn to lose, I’m sickened with a lump and a tear imagining myself exiting the room with lower lip protruding, elbows flailing, and game pieces hitting the floor. A pivotal moment played by a father in a pivotal role. Thankfully, 555 nor box breathing exercises are required for me to deescalate the losing situation because losing has happened probably every day of my life and will continue. I’ve witnessed other’s attitudes put to the test. Pride is devastating, the root of every evil. A sore loser in a leadership role is catastrophic and proves to have long-term consequences. As the spiritual leader of my family I must understand the vast spectrum between pride and humility. If I want to learn about humility, there is no greater resource than the Bible. I’ve never been more awestruck than witnessing a truly humble leader that possesses a servants heart. Such a beautiful character trait. On the contrary, I’ve witnessed our family of Americans destroyed by a leader with little humility. I’ve seen the damage pride can do at an immense scale. I pray Americans can one day enjoy one another’s presence. True humility makes one look weak on the outside, yet they have full confidence on the inside. Prideful people inversely look strong on the outside but are rather frail internally. To other countries, our family of Americans may look boastfully proud on the outside, but they now see through to the frailty within. My faith teaches me to despise all pride and fully seek humility as Him. Through humility we receive the power of His grace.

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