This technique is all about taking your time and being intentional with every breath. Slowing down your breathing can be particularly helpful for those who experience shortness of breath, by regaining control and making every breath more effective. By taking these mindful, deep, slow breaths you can help to calm your nervous system as well.

  • Start by relaxing your body, especially any tension in your neck and shoulders. You may choose to try this sitting comfortably, or lying down.
  • With your mouth closed, inhale slowly through your nose for the count of two. Try to ensure your belly is rising with the intake of breath, rather than just your chest.
  • Position your lips as if you were about to whistle.
  • Release the breath slowly through your pursed lips for the count of four.
  • Practise this a few times a day to get into the rhythm of it, and in time you may want to increase the count you inhale for – but always try to ensure the exhale is longer.