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When toxins build up in your body, it can cause a lot of problems from health issues to mental disorders, and even increase your risk of cancer. This article will go over three simple ways to detox your body in an uncomplicated and natural way through lifestyle changes.


Regular exercise helps your body to eliminate toxins by supporting healthy function of the liver and kidneys, which are key organs in eliminating toxins from the body. Exercise also increases circulation, including circulation of the lymphatic system, which is responsible for helping to move toxins out of the body. While sweating definitely helps to cool your body when it overheats, it isn’t clear whether sweating during a regular workout actually helps your body to remove toxins. The best way to exercise for detoxification of your body is through regular exercise. It doesn’t seem to matter what form the exercise takes–it could be yoga, swimming, walking, jogging, weight training, or any other physical activity you enjoy–it will help remove excess fat off the liver and keep your kidneys functioning better and longer. The better your liver and kidneys are able to function, the better your body can naturally detox itself. Another great result of regular exercise is that it can be a positive part of body acceptance, especially when it is done with a focus on self-care and wellbeing, not with a goal of looking a certain way.

Whole Foods

Clean eating is a term most people are familiar with these days, but did you know that eating “clean” can actually help to clean out your body? Whole foods are generally unaltered or unprocessed foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes. Eating whole foods is key to clean eating because whole foods are more easily recognized and processed by the body, and broken down into key nutrients the body uses to function optimally. The more that foods undergo processing, the more likely they are to be stripped of valuable nutrients and supplemented with sugar, preservatives, and chemicals. Besides being easier on the body, a whole food diet can help eliminate toxins from your body. Firstly, of course, by not introducing excess toxins into the body through processed food sources, but then, additionally, by utilizing the natural cleansing properties of foods you eat. Some popular detoxifying foods include grapefruit, beets, bone broth, chia seeds, and nuts. Eating clean is a gentle way to cleanse your body on a regular ongoing basis. While you may find more intense dietary cleanses that only last a short number of days, your best bet is to simply make the lifestyle change to a cleaner, healthier whole food diet.

Stress Reduction

Perhaps one of the most important things you can do to detoxify your body is to eliminate toxic stress. Stress toxins are real and they not only introduce more toxins to your body, they also weaken the liver and kidneys, which are vital when it comes to detoxing your body. The great thing about eating a whole food diet and exercising regularly is that both of these things reduce stress levels as well. Eating healthy leads to less stress on your body and exercise helps support stress-reducing biochemicals in the body. Beyond these factors, consider reducing overall stress levels by evaluating what things are causing stress in your life and then take practical steps to reduce or eliminate their impact on you. Meditation and breathing exercises have also helped many people deal with stress levels. Meditation improves your ability to relax and sometimes can offer you a different perspective on problems or areas of stress in your life, thus reducing the stress by a cognitive reframing process. Breathing exercises help you to pull in vital oxygen and expel toxic carbon dioxide from the body. Breathing exercises have also been shown to significantly reduce stress and promote greater relaxation. With a focus on detox, you can make lifestyle changes that will lead to better health and a happier mental state. Detoxing isn’t just about maintaining a healthy weight, it is about your body functioning optimally to maintain an excellent quality of life for many years to come.

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