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This is an illustrated guide for parents who want to help their children avoid adenoid removal surgery naturally by applying the Breathing Normalization method. This method follows the physiological logic of the body helping children improve their respiratory and overall health. It was developed in Russia by K.P. Buteyko, MD-PhD, and A.E. Novozhilov, MD. In the thirty years it has been in existence, the method has helped thousands of children avoid adenoidectomy by improving their respiratory health. Since 2009, it has been available through the Breathing Center in the USA and around the world.
Sasha Yakovleva, the author of this book, is an Advanced Breathing Normalization Specialist and expert in the Buteyko Breathing Method as well as Russian healing arts. She is a co-founder of BreathingCenter.com. Sasha studied holistic modalities in Russia and around the world and written about them extensively.

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