The Queen of Pop, Madonna is not living the best of her times for a while now. While she continues to struggle with her confidence, another grief moment has fallen upon her family. Her eldest sibling, Anthony Ciccone took his last breath on Friday. His demise was announced via a post on Instagram by musician Joe Henry, who is married to Madonna’s sister Melanie Ciccone.

American musician, Madonna

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As per the recent reports, the former was in touch with her late brother and was taking care of him during his stay at a rehab center. Despite all that, her brother chose to move on and took a major decision.

Madonna’s Brother, Anthony Ciccone Removed His Breathing Tubes

Madonna's eldest brother Anthony Ciccone
The picture of Anthony Ciccone shared by Joe Henry

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The eldest brother of Madonna, Anthony Ciccone passed away at the age of 66. As per TMZ, the singer was taking care of her brother. Not just that, she had also taken responsibility for “footing the bill for Anthony’s stay” at a Michigan rehab center before his demise on Friday.

Despite their strained relationship, she was doing everything in her power to support her sibling however Ciccone decided to get the feeding/breathing tubes removed which he was being offered by the rehab.

As per reports, his condition was quite severe, especially toward the end. The report further opened up about his health condition stating that he had lost a lot of weight. Despite being aware of the consequences of removing the equipment, he chose to do so resulting in his demise. The sources mentioned that his sister, Paula was around him most of the time while his father had been visiting him toward the end.

Madonna Offered to Help Her Late Brother for Years

Madonna’s Instagram story

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As per the reports, the singer along with some of the family members had been constantly reaching out to the late man however he refused their assistance.

He had struggled with alcoholism which eventually affected him in several ways with one being homeless for several years. It was even reported that he used to be living under a bridge in Michigan at one point in his life.

Even after the difficult circumstances, she gave a tribute to him by sharing an Instagram story to show her gratitude “for blowing my mind as a young girl.” The duo used to have a complicated relationship with Ciccone slamming the musician and family on several occasions for not caring for him. However, they made amends as he finished his rehab program in December 2017.

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