This September 30 begins the First Days of Update in Rehabilitation Medicine with presentations by international specialists and highlighting the anniversary of the 20th generation of rehabilitation medicine at the Hospital Civil de Guadalajara of the University of Guadalajara.

José de Jesús González Jaime, full professor of rehabilitation medicine and who brought the specialty of rehabilitation medicine to the Civil Hospital of Guadalajara, highlighted these first days for everything that the specialty represents.

“The reason for this meeting is to invite the community to this great academic celebration, linked to the rehabilitation medicine service. It is a very important commemorative event for our hospital and it is very important for the University of Guadalajara. When I went out to do my specialization in 1988 there was no other place than Mexico City, in 1995 and with the support of the authorities and we started with the idea of ​​a specialization program, in 1998 we received the first one and he graduated in 2001 already From then on, there are 20 generations, a total of 46 graduated doctors, all qualified and practicing the specialty”, commented the specialist.

Armando Tonatiu Ávila García head of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Service of the Old Civil Hospital of Guadalajara Fray Antonio Alcalde, highlighted the lack of this specialty at the national levelsince they cannot cover the entire population, since rehabilitation medicine is preventive, seeking disability in each population group.

“We have many challenges, especially considering that quality of life is a worldwide priority for all health systems, we have an excessive demand, the last figure in 2018 there were two thousand 033 certified specialists in rehabilitation medicine and considering With the current population in the country, it implies that there is a doctor in rehabilitation for every 62,000 Mexicans, an insufficient figure,” he said.

“In the first eight months of 2022, the service has granted close to 25,000 assistance services to patients of all ages with some type of functional limitation, We estimate that during 2022 we will grant more than 8,000 specialized rehabilitation medicine consultations. The most frequent diagnoses we have in the service are high risk for neurological damage or damage associated with prematurity in the pediatric population, as well as delayed psychomotor development; in young and middle-aged adults, fractures, sports injuries, spinal problems; and in older adults, cardiovascular diseases and their sequelae, degenerative joint disease, cerebral vascular events and prolonged rest syndrome”.

Ávila García highlighted that the pulmonary rehabilitation of people with long COVID-19 since 2021, but in general the needs of his service have doubled.


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