The Smart Sleeve-Powered MSK Platform Expands Footprint in Healthcare and Welcomes Advisors from Meta and Banner Health

DENVER, Sept. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Cipher Skin, the hardware-enabled monitoring platform that enables flexible, hybrid recovery for musculoskeletal care, today announces it has deepened its mission to improve physical rehabilitation. The company has expanded product development, launched platform partnerships, and received new funding from strategic investors. Signaling steadfast confidence in the company's technology and vision, Tribe Capital, Draper Capital, and a number of large family offices continued their investment along with new capital from Andreessen Horowitz. The company has also welcomed Caitlin Kalinowski (CK), head of AR hardware at Meta, and Dr. Ara Feinstein, M.D, trauma and critical care at Banner Health, as advisors.

"At Cipher Skin we are intensifying our focus on physical rehabilitation and strengthening the industry by connecting in-clinic therapy with at-home care," said Phillip Bogdanovich, founder and CEO of Cipher Skin. "We are empowered by the continued support of our investors and new advisors to put connected care within reach of every rehab therapy provider. Cipher Skin's hardware-enabled platform is extending therapy beyond the walls of the clinic, allowing providers to offer connected, hybrid care and leveraging the healing power of the therapist-patient relationship."

The addition of Dr. Ara Feinstein and Caitlin Kalinowski to the advisory board will help advance Cipher Skin's influence within the health tech industry, encouraging providers to embrace modern technologies to optimize treatment plans and deliver higher quality care.

"The digital revolution in healthcare is changing the way patients seek treatment and how rehab therapists heal patients," said Kalinowski. "Seeing first-hand how impactful smart devices can be, I am energized by the enormous potential that Cipher Skin's smart sensor and Biosleeve technology has to improve healthcare."

Cipher Skin's patented technology tracks motion and biometric data translating it into instant, actionable insights so providers can evaluate the patient's condition and track outcomes over time. The company has recently expanded the hardware-enabled platform to focus on efficient, patient-centered care.

"Healthcare's pivot towards value-based care necessitates solutions that drive down cost and improve quality," said Dr. Feinstein. "CipherSkin's technology can enable inexpensive collection and delivery of data to inform preoperative decision-making while adding flexibility to postoperative rehabilitation and monitoring."

Recent product innovations from Cipher Skin include:

  • The BioSleeve® Lower Extremity: Smart sleeves are now available for both lower extremities and upper extremities featuring a network of interconnected sensors that capture range of motion and biometrics in real-time translating it to the Recovery App.
  • The BioCore®: A chest motion sensor supported by a lightweight elastic strip that measures the tilt and rotation of the torso and works in concert with the BioSleeves to position the body in space, enabling dynamic motion.
  • Remote Therapeutic Monitoring: The Recovery App comprehensive software solution now includes the ability to monitor, track, and subsequently bill for remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM). RTM can increase profitability and patient loyalty for clinics.
  • Data Sharing with Kno2: Data and outcomes can be securely shared with Certified Electronic Health Record Technology (CEHRT) systems to bridge the gaps between referring physicians, patients, and physical therapists.

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About Cipher Skin:

Cipher Skin is a hardware-enabled monitoring platform that enables flexible, hybrid recovery for musculoskeletal care. Founded in 2017, Cipher Skin's patented technology is a network of sensors that captures gapless biometric and motion data and translates it through proprietary software to provide instantaneous, visualized data and diagnostics. By connecting in-clinic rehab therapy with at-home care through continuous patient progress monitoring, practitioners can track exact outcomes, deliver patient-centered care, and maximize clinic revenue. To learn more visit

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