Single Leg Stance on a Towel

Verywell / Ben Goldstein

Ankle injuries often affect your balance. Balance activities can help prevent future injury. Do these towards the end of your rehabilitation.

  1. Fold a towel into a small rectangle and place it on the ground.
  2. Stand with the injured foot on the towel.
  3. Lift the uninjured leg off the ground. Stand only on the towel with the injured leg.
  4. Hold for 15 seconds. As your balance improves, increase that time up to 45 seconds.
  5. Return your uninjured foot to the floor.

Perform this exercise 10 times in a row. When you're ready, increase the challenge by standing on more unsteady surfaces like a wobble board.

Your physical therapist may also have you use a BAPS board (Biomechanical Ankle Platform System) while working on balance exercises.


After an ankle injury, you may benefit from ankle strengthening exercises. Your healthcare provider may send you to a physical therapist for this.

As you recover, you can progress from non-weight-bearing exercises and ankle strengthening exercises to partial weight-bearing exercises. As you gain strength, you'll be able to move on to full weight-bearing and balance exercises.

With the guidance of your physical therapist, these exercises can help you get back to your previous level of activity.

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