Gamejam pacman

The Game Jam results are in!

Following the first breathing gamejam co-organised by International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad, we are announcing final results. We had many submissions, but our team of Breathing Games Review Committee consisting of Gregor Romavh, Klemen Klavs and Matevz Leskovsek have decided on 3 finalists and the winner.

After careful consideration we have decided a winner, which is a game Breathing Shooter by Arvinder Singh and Vinod Adwani

The game is well designed in terms of graphics and sound. Runs well on a wide array of devices with low CPU usage and small memory fingerprint.

Second place goes to a Breathing Drone game developed by Vishal Batchu:

This game got us by the fact that breath is empowered by the act of flying. The gameplay however will need to get improved in order to promote longer exhalations.

Third place goes to Breathing Ninja by Naveen Jls, Bhanu Srikanth, and Bhanu Srikanth:

A game is a little buggy and breathing detection is not working properly on mobile, but the game got us excited by the way it combines the act of flying with your breath with the act of falling with a parachute.

All games were designed from scratch in less than 24 hours period. Respect! Respect!

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