Game jam blow me3

Image credits: Honda Motors Ltd, Japan (NYSE: HMC)

What is this game jam about?

The game jam is about learning to use microphone in Unity3d or javascript/html5 to design breathing games/apps.

Is there a specific platform in which we have to create the breathing games?

Unity3D is probably the best choice when it comes to developing games or simple apps, javascript/html5 is the best choice when designing web mashups.

Is there a specific scripting language?

C#, JS and Boo are supported by Unity 3D. But, for this game jam, the games have to be scripted in C#. Javascript is the scripting language in HTML5.

What are breathing games?

Breathing games are video games that are being controlled by ones breathing, more precisely by lightly puffing, or blowing, into the microphone. Breathing games are designed to encourage users to make their exhalation longer in order to make their breathing slower, deeper and more efficient.

How are breathing games helpful?

Such breathing where exhalation is prolonged through semi-closed mouth (through pursed lips) is called "Pursed Lip Breathing". According to Cleveland Clinic Pursed Lip Breathing provides a quick and easy way to slow your pace of breathing, making each breath more effective.

Why are we doing the jam?

We are doing the jam in order to get more people to use breathing to interact with their computer or mobile phone. It is a new way of human computer interaction which reduces repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and similar musculoskeletal disorders. Additionally it also improves breathing.

How will the game jam run?

50 participants will receive specially designed breathing headsets to use on their Android/iOS/Windows/Mac devices. They will create teams of two people and will have 24 hours to design a breathing game/app in Unity3d or HTML5. Breathing detection code will be provided via GitHub.

What are we expecting out of game jam?

You can expect to learn how to use microphone to control games and apps on your mobile device or computer. Ever wanted to do a voice controlled internet browser, media player that changes songs when you shout yes/no? Now is the time to learn.

What are the prizes?

Breathing game specialist committee will identify the best game/app in these categories 1) best breathing game 2) best breathing controlled productivity/management app 3) best breathing controlled learning/training/didactics/logopedics/speech/languages app. All three best teams in the above categories will be promoted along with their websites and/or portfolios on our partners' websites and their social media. Additionally the best team in each category will receive USD100$ of financial compensation to support their requirement for sandwiches, pizzas, energy drinks, coffee, etc.

Under what licence the games/apps will be developed and available later?

Breathing games and breathing apps are  being developed as "open source" and offered according to MIT licence. Read more about Breathing Labs' licencing policy here (click)