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Ljubljana, Slovenia, 25th January 2016 - Breathing Labs announces that breathing games and breathing apps are now being developed as "open source" and offered according to MIT licence (click).

Why going open source?

With the latest advancement of computers and handheld devices humans' main way of interaction with the outside world has been reduced to actions of tapping, swiping, typing and clicking on keyboards, mice and touch sensitive screens. Consequently there is a rise in repetitive strain injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, neck pain, hand numbness and similar musculoskeletal disorders. We would like change the paradigm of human computer interaction to become based on breathing to improve health and enrich user experience in information processing and gaming/entertainment.

Any microphone is supported?

Any microphone, or microphone headset, can be used for breathing interaction. Breathing detection is universal and works on most possible acoustic input signals, but delivers highest signal to noise ratio and sensitivity with Breathing Labs' proprietary Breathing+ headset.

Does Breathing Labs possess any patents or other proprietary IP?

Breathing Labs still uses patent (click) and industrial design protection (click) to preserve its competitive advantage on the market. It allows us to finance our continuous improvements of production line and product itself (click). Any intellectual property related to Breathing Labs' hardware products can be used for personal or educational uses only. Commercial use should be granted by Breathing Labs and cross-licencing may be arranged for publishers in entertainment and video game industries.

Breathing in HTML5 Javascript?

Breathing Javascript SDK is a set of libraries, designed for exhalation detection that offers a nice and elegant way to replace functionalities of a keyboard, mouse and other interface device with the use of exhalation. It allows developers to add breathing interaction to games and applications. Breathing SDK contains different libraries for Html5/JavaScript, Flash and Unity, download it here: click to download (currently working just in Firefox). To get a better view inside the variables and DSP logic, please see the monitoring app (click) - works best on Firefox, may not work without "https" access.

Breathing in Unity3D?

Unity demo scene and Unity Playmaker template is available upon request at [email protected]. Unity development is encouraged to be published on our newly created GitHub account (click). If developer publishes code elsewhere, we want to be at least informed of such publishing.

What about native languages?

Sure, native languages may be the best choice when building applications upon various API-s, such as youtube java api, various google API-s, etc. Get in touch with us at [email protected] to connect you with interested and/or experienced individuals.

Got any examples of what kind of breathing apps to build?

There were some ideas in the community, some of these are: 1) Breathing controlled Facebook scrolling (or twitter or any other app that outputs long feed) on Android (similar to Breathing Scrolling - click, but as a "native" Android app), 2) Breathing controlled youtube video switcher on Android (just blow into device to move to next related video, similar to (documentation click, demo click - works best on Firefox, may not work without "https" access). Other breathing games (mainly developed in Flash/actionscript or Unity/C#) can be downloaded from Google Play (click) or iTunes (click).

Join us!

Please subscribe to our developers email list here. You can connect with us on GitHub here. Additionally you can join our Facebook group for developers here, or we can connect via Twitter here.