There is no person who has not felt stress at least once in their life, be it due to an exam, due to financial problems, due to health or often due to work stress. Stress is a physical or mental response to an external cause, moreover, stress can be something that occurs only once or in the short term, or it can occur repeatedly over a long period of time.

Chronic stress significantly increases the risk of this, according to an article published by Houston Methodist, one of the top 15 hospitals in the United States. heart disease, diabetes, obesity and other history. Also, it can cause problems like tension headache, sexual dysfunction and hair loss, At the same time, mental health also has a devastating effect.

In view of this, scientists as such have set themselves the task of identifying the causes that cause it, as well as methods, techniques and foods that can reduce it. According to Dimefer, a digital platform designed specifically for health care and wellness, experts in food supplements and natural cosmetics, there are a few vitamins that can help with this task, three in particular.

it’s all about the vitamins B1, B6 and B12, In addition to reducing stress levels, they also help prevent depression, one of the most complex mental disorders present in mental health, which usually causes deep sadness and loss of normal interest.

Which foods are rich in vitamins?

staple foods that are Vitamin B1 They are: whole grains, enriched and fortified products such as breads, cereals, rice, pasta and flour; wheat germ; beef and pork; trout and bluefin tuna; eggs; legumes and peas; nuts and seeds. All of these provide a good source of this vitamin.

also known as thiamin, is responsible for processing carbohydrates correctly. Therefore, it is effective for maintaining a positive mental outlook, increasing learning ability, energy, preventing memory loss, and fighting stress.

refering to B-6 has the capacity to produce healthy red blood cells and stimulates the correct functioning of the nervous system, which is extremely important for dealing with stressful situations or situations that produce depression.

for his part, vitamin b12 It is found mostly in foods of animal origin, such as fish and meat, poultry, eggs and milk. Also clams, veal liver, lamb kidney, eggs, salmon, sardines, mussels and rabbit meat. The mentioned web portal states that it helps in the formation of vitamin K red blood cells and maintenance of the central nervous system, improving the normal functioning of the immune system and helping to reduce fatigue and exhaustion.

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