Apart from all the hustle and bustle, self-care activities should never take a back seat to wedding planning. As the big day approaches, the bride may find herself stressed, overloaded, and exhausted with so much going on, but remember that for a bride, appearance on her D-day is everything, so no matter how overwhelmed you feel, you can't compromise on those self-care preparations to glow both from the inside and out.

Here, we bring you 4 self-care tips on how to help you maintain your poise and balance while planning your wedding.


Practice mindfulness

Adopting a mindfulness practice during the wedding-planning process can do wonders for reducing underlying stress factors in the run-up to the big day. Mindfulness involves breathing techniques, relaxation therapy, and other activities that assist calm the body and mind and reduce stress. Use your senses to thoroughly experience the day and apply this approach to all you do in the future.

Follow a healthy diet 

Many brides-to-be go on a crash diet in order to fit precisely in their wedding lehengas and gowns. A pre-wedding diet is not a quick fix. This is not healthy, and you will quickly regain the weight you lost. Maintain a consistent and healthy diet. Regardless of what life and wedding prep throw at you, consider seeing a nutritionist or ensuring that you hit the intended food target and portion levels in a balanced diet.

Beauty sleep

Prioritise your beauty sleep

The week before your wedding will undoubtedly be one of the busiest of your life. To prepare for the chaos, one of the most important things you can do for yourself before this stressful week begins is to get some sleep. Sleep is fundamental to appropriate digestion, stress control, and energy levels. One must aim for eight hours of sleep per night, and we guarantee that you'll feel and look your best on your wedding day.

bridal skincare

Use perfect bridal skincare

Getting prepared and ready with all the chaos for your D- Day is a difficult task, especially when the bride is under pressure to look her best. You're a radiant bride who must maintain her radiance. In order to follow a skin regimen and ritual, use face masks that suit your skin type, double cleanse your skin in the morning and night, and only use natural toners that are not harsh on the skin but keep it hydrated and nurtured. And most importantly, stay cheerful and positive, we are sure it will work wonders for your skin.

We hope these suggestions assist in self-care on your wedding day and result in only joyful tears!

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