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If you’re ready to slow down, rest, and indulge in all things self-care, you’re in luck, because Taurus season 2023 is finally here. Taurean energy is all about experiencing pleasure in its many nourishing forms—whether it’s sipping delicious coffee, trying a new skincare routine, or simply laying in the grass wishing your Sunday scaries away. After an ambitious, goal-driven Aries season, Taurus season serves as a reminder to relax, recharge, and give yourself the time, space, and comfort you deserve. 

This year, Taurus season spans from April 20 at 4:13am ET to May 21 at 3:09am ET—and it’s bound to be a unique time. The rare new moon solar eclipse in Aries on April 20 (yes, day *one* of Taurus season) will ignite a powerful shift, and when Mercury stations retrograde in Taurus from April 21 to May 24, you may be asked to cultivate a sense of inner stability to counteract the chaos in the cosmos. As we welcome Taurus season 2023, you’re invited to take a deep breath and give yourself permission to pause.

As an earth sign, Taurus reminds us to ground ourselves, get practical, and remain down to earth—quite literally. If you’re ready for some R&R, here’s how to practice self-care during Taurus season and harness its unique power for your highest good, according to astrologers. 

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What Is The Energy Of Taurus Season 2023?

“Taurus is the most stable, immovable, slow-moving of the earth signs…Taurus energy takes its time,” says New York City-based astrologer Eden Sky Orion. Given the multiple eclipses and Mercury going retrograde, she says it’s even more important to chill out right now. “With these potentially chaotic events, it’s an invitation to move even more slowly. It’s like the antidote to any kind of chaos we’re experiencing in our outer world.”

However, this doesn’t mean you have to quit your ambitions altogether. Astrologer and mindfulness consultant Sofia Adler tells StyleCaster that rest and relaxation is actually fuel. “Slowing down doesn’t mean not working hard or slacking off—it means allowing for pleasure, being fully present in the moment, and doing things in a sustainable way,” she says. “We recently had the spark of Aries season, but if we just continue with all the spark and the flames, we will burn out. We need the sustenance and pace of Taurus to help us get things done.” 

So, keep chasing your career ambitions, but instead of just getting caught in the grind, start prioritizing self-care. “One of the best ways to get what we want—to move forward and to be diligent—is slowly and steadily,” Adler says. “You don’t need to rush. It doesn’t need to be flashy. Slow down to speed up later.” 

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Self-Care Rituals to Try During Taurus Season

How you practice self-care is personal—what works for a sultry Scorpio may not jive with a headstrong Capricorn, and that’s OK. “Self-care is dependent on each individual person. What makes you feel restored? What really fills up your battery?” Orion says. “Making space for those things will help you navigate the energies of this Taurus season.” 

That said, here are some practical self-care rituals and recommendations to try this month:  

  • Prioritize quiet, rest, and sleep.

“Deep self-care can look like getting a lot of sleep, taking naps, and resting,” Orion says. “Taurus energy loves a good nap, a good cuddle, or just a chill night in.” If you have trouble winding down at night, a white noise machine, silky eye mask, or another helpful sleep aid can help provide the comfort you need. Pick a version of rest that works for you and enjoy the calm—without guilt! 

  • Immerse yourself in nature, art, and beauty.

This Taurus season, seek moments of beauty whenever possible—whether it’s getting dolled up with friends for happy hour, wandering around an art museum, or taking the scenic route on your drive home. “If you have nature or earth around you, that can be really grounding,” Orion says. “[Try] getting off your devices and putting your feet on the earth…being in nature, working with plants, just being close to the earth can be a beautiful ritual.” 

  • Get in touch with your senses.

“Taurus is all about the earth, and it’s also about the five senses,” Adler says. “Stop to smell the flowers as you’re walking down the street. Do you hear the birds chirping? Can you notice the way your partner’s skin feels when you hold their hand? Or the dampness of your dog’s nose when they give you a kiss?” Tuning into your sense of sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste can help you get in touch with your physical body, which is very true to Taurus season, Adler says.

  • Reflect on your personal values.

Reflecting on your core values is another practical, yet meaningful way to honor Taurus season. “If it feels relevant for you to take time during Taurus season about your values and what you stand for, your pillars for yourself, your business or your family…Taurus season is great for that,” Adler explains. Whether you want to strengthen your romantic relationship or call your siblings more, Taurus season can help you feel rooted in purpose.

  • Repeat a positive affirmation or mantra.

Repeating a daily mantra or full moon affirmation can boost your confidence and help you feel safe, secure, and grounded. “Affirmations or mantras that come to mind for me are, ‘Pleasure is my birthright.’ ‘I am unstoppable.’ ‘One foot in front of the other,’” Adler says. “Another affirmation for Taurus season can be, ‘Easily and effortlessly, I am worthy of receiving what I desire,’ or something along those lines.” Create an affirmation that makes sense for you and speak in the present-tense, as if your desires are already coming to fruition. 

  • Simplify, streamline, and set healthy boundaries. 

Did you add a million things to your plate during Aries season? Is your to-do list suddenly never-ending? Sometimes, self-care looks like setting boundaries and getting your priorities in order. “Making time and space in your schedule—meaning, not overbooking yourself or expecting too much energetic output from yourself—can be good this Taurus season,” Orion says.

Where Aries says “full speed ahead,” Taurus is the total opposite. Like spring cleaning, Orion suggests clearing out the energetic clutter before adding new things to your plate. “Rather than focusing on a vision that you want to create, what can you clear out?” she says. “Then, from that space of groundedness and rest, see what emerges and what opportunities come to you.” 

  • Pause before making any big decisions. 

Whether you’re pondering a career decision or considering a major life change like relocating, Taurus season isn’t necessarily the time to risk it all—especially given the unique positioning of the planets. “Giving yourself time is an important message for this Mercury retrograde in Taurus,” Orion explains. “Don’t make any sudden movements even if you have the impulse to. Take your time making decisions, take your time communicating.” And if there’s a lot of pressure on you to make decisions right now, try to stay as grounded as possible. 

  • Try mindfulness, breathwork, and other somatic practices.

“Because Taurus is so connected to the body, it could be useful for people to do more somatic practices,” Orion says. “I love breathwork. It doesn’t have to be something intense, but something simple like belly breathing—breathing deeply into your low belly, feeling it expand, and then exhaling and relaxing your ab muscles.” Mindfulness, meditation, and other healing practices can also help you connect with the body, Adler says. (She also shares that the Buddha was apparently a Taurus—which, honestly, checks out.) 

  • Release what no longer serves you.

According to Orion, the new moon eclipse on April 20 may be an important time for spiritual transformation and letting things go. “The new moon eclipse is technically taking place in Aries, at the final degree of Aries,” she says. “Anything that happens at the final degree of any sign is a big release and ‘shedding’ moment—or there’s a big invitation for us to let something go.” To reflect even deeper, Orion says you might consider what your life looked like during last year’s eclipses at the end of October and early November—or last May—and compare to where your life is now.

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All in all, Taurus is perhaps the biggest self-care advocate of the zodiac, and this season will be the ultimate invitation to lean into what makes you happy. And at the end of the day, self-care practices are personal—it’s all about finding what works for you. “Anything can be a ritual if it’s done with intention,” Orion says, whether it’s blessing your food before eating, calling a friend, or taking a well-deserved nap. 

No matter what the stars have brought for you this year, during Taurus season 2023, you get to embrace comfort, luxuriousness, rest, relaxation, and embody the delectable joy that comes with it.

“To me, Taurus season is the season where you can connect to the magic and beauty of being alive—like when you notice a kid experiencing the world for the first time,” Adler says. “The greatest gift of Taurus is that you can live your life, be in your body, and and be human.” Honestly, what could be better?

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