Living with the restrictions and limitations of a global health pandemic pushes us towards tipping points.

Conscious choices made now can protect us from negative health results that directly result from unchecked anxiety, stress and worry.

In short, I recommend breath work, exercise, emotional release, acupuncture, massage, baths, meditation, yoga, Bach flower rescue remedy, music and singing, time with a friend, nourishing food, lots of water, supplemental vitamin C, laughter, time in nature, a spiritual practice, enough sleep, a pet, projects you enjoy and productive work that doesn't drive you crazy.

I know you know how to implement most of these suggestions and if unable to put them into practice it's usually because sleep, nutrition or breathing is out of balance. I'm talking about conscious breathing exercises that enhance every aspect of our life experience.

Specifically, Pranayama breathing, which translates to "regulation of life force energy."

My daughter and her boyfriend discovered the benefit of this conscious breathing technique when they were faced with a neighbor's short temper in their building complex in London. The complex is one that allows dogs, and has a courtyard where the dogs are NOT allowed to be exercised, but they have to pass through to get to the park. In the lockdown, when people were only allowed out to the park once a day, all the dogs had to go into the courtyard periodically because after all they ARE dogs and need to go outside more than once a day.

A neighbor, with her children in tow, angrily confronted my daughter and yelled at her to get her dog back inside. Words were exchanged, tempers flared, hearts beat faster, and uncomfortable feelings emerged. My daughter was able to ease her own temper and return to her apartment and breathe herself back to being able to choose calm as an option.

There are more than we can count of these types of exchanges occurring during these times when people are more pent up because of COVID-19.

Breathing, conscious, aware, deep Pranayama breathing is one way of releasing negative energy and equilibrium being restored when tensions arise.

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