How to Avoid Panic Attack: 8 Simple Tips

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If you have experienced a panic attack in your life before, you probably know what it portends: your heart starts to pound, your chest tightens until it hurts, you are gripped by an overwhelming feeling of fear. Your body reacts this way because your sympathetic nervous system is activated, and you may think that you are dying because your body and mind are sending clear signals: something is going wrong. It can happen even when you walk with your friends or play new online slot games. Fortunately, the situation can be overcome before the seizure takes over you. Use these techniques to calm down if you feel panic coming over you.

Talk to Yourself

A simple method for staying focused is to have an internal dialogue with yourself. It will help calm your central nervous system, which is what triggers the sympathetic response, and remind you that you can take control of any thoughts in your head.

Take Privacy

A panic attack is traumatic in itself, but it will feel much worse if you experience it in front of strangers. Try to leave the room for a while to give yourself time to collect yourself and feel more confident in the environment you were in.

Concentrate on One Thing

If you feel yourself starting to panic, focus on as few things as possible. Pay attention to an object in your surroundings, such as a pen on your desk, and look only at it until your breathing evens out. This will help reduce the stimulation of individual organs and physiologically restore the pace of the body.

Focus on Your Breathing

Trying to align your breathing is the best way to deal with many anxiety disorders, and panic attacks are among them. Get out of the tangle of anxious thoughts by focusing on your body. Find yourself in the moment, try to breathe under the bill and feel the oxygen filling your cells.

Look at the Photo Album

Grab your phone, but not to update social media, but to remind yourself of important things. Open a photo album that has your happy pictures or inspirational pictures in it. Immerse yourself in memories or read some positive affirmations to recover.

Write Down What You’re Afraid of

Sometimes what you fear so much may not be as scary a problem as it seems. Take it upon yourself to find out exactly what it is that’s causing you to resonate with it – write it down on a piece of paper. If you’re not on a hijacked plane, chances are that what scares you so much is not that serious a problem. Think about it, maybe the cause of your fear is a frightening event from the past. Maybe you still haven’t been able to deal with a traumatic event from your childhood, and you should see a specialist to get over that memory.

Think of the Positives

As you transform your panic thinking into positive thoughts, remind yourself of how good your life will be without this panic attack. Imagine how many things you’ll be able to do when it’s over, how many places to visit and delicious foods to try.

Watch Your Stress Level

Don’t forget that increased stress levels lead to frequent panic attacks. Don’t skip your breaks by concentrating on breathing and eye exercises, exercising regularly, and controlling your sleep schedule. All of these factors combined are critical in reducing the likelihood of a panic attack. If you often experience panic attacks, remember three key facts: you won’t die, the attack won’t last forever, and working on your symptoms will reduce the severity of the panic. Learn the triggers that trigger an attack, and seek help from a therapist to learn new ways to cope with stress and anxiety

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