"THE NATIONAL GIVES BREATH" in collaboration with regularly Post-covid clinics

A free online pilot workshop for breathing retraining through vocal expression and song, for people recovering from COVID-19 and still suffering from shortness of breath and consequent anxiety.

We "prescribe" song, breathing and wellness exercises, opening new ground and providing critical support to our fellow human beings recovering from COVID-19.

The workshop * was designed by Angeliki Toumpanaki (PhD), Moleculaŕ biologist, vocalist, voice trainer and member of the interdisciplinary team Voice Mentoring for the rehabilitation of patients with voice disorders.

The program's approach combines musical and medical knowledge, in order to meet the growing need for support for those experiencing "Long COVID" symptoms but also experiencing slow recovery after discharge from the hospital.

The pilot program focuses on retraining breathing through song. Using as a starting point music from around the world and vocal games, we will explore the voice and the breath, we will gain knowledge, mental and physical well-being. We will present an important exercise book, vocal techniques and self-management tools for patients who recover slowly from covid-19 and experience persistent symptoms such as shortness of breath, voice disorders, or even anxiety. Participants are then provided with exercises to practice in their own time.

Scientific collaborators of the laboratory are the specialized scientists for the rehabilitation of Voice disorders:

  • Dr. Konstantinos Lambropoulos Otolaryngologist Surgeon, Phoniatrist
  • Elpida Koutsoumbaki Specialist Voice Therapist, Speech Therapist, Psychologist and creator of the Integrated Voice Therapy approach
  • Eleni Lada, MSc, PgCert, Speech Therapist - Specialist Voice Therapist
  • Sofia Georgiou Voice Physiotherapist, Occupational Physiologist, MSc, Cert.Acupuncturist



A category (Covid patients in rehabilitation after discharge from hospital)
Category B (patients with Long Covid symptoms, monitored in appropriate outpatient clinics)


  • Workshop starts: May 29 - July 10
  • Number of participants: up to 10 / section
  • Number of Meetings: six weekly group online sessions (Saturdays or Sundays, after consultation with participants)
  • Age: up to 70 years
  • Duration of each session: 60-120 minutes

Application Form: Social Actions, Ms. GiotaBaka, 210-7001469


  • No previous experience or interest in the song is required.
  • Participants should ideally be available for all six sessions.
  • The program is open to everyone, regardless of nationality, gender, or other diversity, as long as it is enrolled in the following regular PostCovid Care clinics.

The choice of postCovid patients will be done by collaborating regularly Post-covid clinics:

  • of the University Pathology Clinic of the University General Hospital “Αττικόν”| Scientific Officer Anastasia Antoniadou, Professor of Pathology-Infections EKPA
  • of the Pulmonology and Respiratory Insufficiency Unit of the Intensive Care Clinic of the General Hospital of Athens “Annunciation”| Scientific Officer, Paraskevi Katsaounou, Assistant Professor of Pulmonology
  • of the XNUMXrd University Pathology Clinic of EKPA, General Hospital “the Salvation"

| Professor Professor Mr. Konstantinos Syrigos Scientific Officer Garyfallia Poulakou, Assistant Professor of Pathology

 * The workshop "TO ETHNIKO GIVES BREATH" is inspired by the program "ENO Breathe" of the English National Opera, in collaboration with the National Health System (NHS) of Great Britain, the results of which are impressive, providing significant physical and emotional support to those patients who experience symptoms of "Long COVID", and demonstrating how art and science can work great together!

The workshop "The National Theater breathes" is held with the support of Pharmall.

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