Former TOWIE star Lauren Goodger has opened up about the crippling battle with anxiety she has faced during her first pregnancy.

Filming for Channel 4 show Steph’s Packed Lunch, Lauren is seen visiting psychotherapist Diane Youdale, formerly Jet on Gladiators, to discuss her mental health issues.

Lauren , 34, previously told how she was left fearing she might die when she became concerned that she couldn't feel her unborn baby kick.

Opening up to Diane about the ordeal to Diane, Lauryn said: "I remember being at home one day, absolutely fine and all of a sudden my heart was racing and I was acting really strange, I kept dropping things…

Lauren Goodger has opened up about battling anxiety during her first pregnancy

"I rung my midwife and told her and then I sat there and I thought I’ve not felt the baby move today…
"When I got into the hospital they put the heart monitor on me and it was high…That was the worst thing they could have said to me.
"That is my anxiety, my heart racing, I always think I’m going to have a heart attack.”
Reality TV star Lauren is set to welcome her first child with boyfriend Charles Drury in the next few weeks.

Lauren Goodger and Charles Drury
The former TOWIE star, 34, is expecting her first child with her 23-year-old boyfriend Charles Drury

Revealing how her pregnancy had been far from smooth, the expectant mum said: "I’m 36 weeks pregnant… I’m so excited to be a mum, this is my first baby…

"Anxiety makes me feel like something really bad is going to happen to you, like you’re going to die. Whatever you do you can’t get away from it, I’ve tried everything."

Lauren was filmed having a therapy session on Channel 4's The Steph Show

She went on: "It’s a lot harder when you’re pregnant, you don’t have the energy or the strength, you just want to relax and sleep and anxiety doesn’t let you sleep."

Diane says anxiety in pregnant women is completely normal and asks Lauren if she experienced any triggers before becoming a mum.

"I think I first got anxiety when I was filming The Only Way Is Essex… It was an amazing show and I don’t regret it at all… " admitted Lauren.

Lauren said she first started experiencing anxiety when she joined TOWIE

"There’s a lot that comes with it, mentally… It’s not anyone’s fault, it was a new show… Nobody knew where it was going to go. You probably didn’t really get the help back then that you would get now."

Psychotherapist Diane then taught Lauren a number of breathing techniques to help focus her thoughts if she is experiencing anxiety.

Steph’s Packed Lunch airs weekdays on Channel 4 at 12.30pm

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