Karl Jacobs, popularly known as Karl and formerly known as GamerBoyKarl, is a gaming YouTuber. He gained popularity for being part of the MrBeast's challenge videos and Dream SMP. He has also collaborated with other YouTubers such as TommyInnit and Technoblade but he most commonly is known to stream on Twitch.

The YouTuber, who had revealed that he's on the asexual spectrum took to his second Twitter account on March 22 to say that he's taking a break. Without exaggeration, it took about five minutes before he was trending on Twitter with many offering him well wishes.


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Is Karl okay?

Karl, who was originally the cameraman for MrBeast, became an on-screen member after Jake The Viking left the group in 2020. He also then joined the Dream SMP server on August 26, 2020, after being invited and ended up gaining a huge following.

Before his current channel, Karl also used to have an old one called GamePatrol and he used to play Roblox and then moved on to Minecraft. About an hour ago Karl posted on one of his Twitter accounts writing, "Idk what’s going on tonight, been rly anxious and have a headache today so I’m gonna take a break from the Internet more or less for the night. Love u guys hope everyone is all feelin good n safe!" 


Twitter blew up with fans tweeting pictures of the YouTuber, wanting to escalate the duration of the trend as they wished he get better soon. The YouTuber has two accounts — one as @honkkarl and his main account as @KarlJacobs — he had posted on the former. His main account boasts 1.9 million followers while the other has 1 million followers. His Instagram account also has a following of 1.8 million followers.

 "stay safe karl, tonight has been pretty messy. take as much time as you need for you, ily <3," wrote one user. Another added, "thought it was just me! 🙁 feel better soon and take a break! pls don’t rush yourself to come back if ur too stressed! i love u."




"karl we all love you so much and i hope you feel better and get some good rest:] internet and social media can be super stressful so don’t stress or push yourself too hard and WE LOVE YOU KARL<3," tweeted another user.

People empathized with the Youtuber asking to make sure he takes care of himself with another user writing, "be safe karl<3 dont put too much weight on your shoulders, get some rest, drink some water, do some breathing exercises and if you need it, take a pill for your headache! Ilysm. My therapist said that if i feel too much pressure i just breathe and do what i like (write, draw etc)"





Besides the good wishes, there was a lot of love displayed for the Youtuber, as fans continued to post pictures of him with, "i love you," as the caption. Some, on the other hand, were ecstatic that Karl was trending on the social media site. "THE FACT THAT “karl <3” IS TRENDING MAKES ME SO HAPPY. HE DESERVES THE WORLD," wrote one user. Another added, "Shush guys Karl <3 is trending all of my page this is what I love."







As for if he's okay? It seems as though he is considering he hasn't tweeted anything since because he's taking a break. As of now, fans are not too worried about the YouTuber's health and hope to see him back online soon.

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