Progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) is exactly what it sounds like – a relaxation technique that uses the tensing of the muscles throughout the body to trigger a state of calm.

“You can practice PMR lying down or sitting upright in a relaxed and comfortable position,” Kamau explains. “Before you begin, take a few deep breaths bringing the mind and body into the present moment. Then, starting with the feet, breathe in, tense the muscles in the feet, curl the toes and then, as you exhale, let go and relax those muscles.

“You can continue up the body, tensing and relaxing the muscles until you reach your head. Finish the practice by tensing the entire body on the inhale and relaxing on the exhale.”

If you want to practice, Kamau recommends using your fist: “Clench your first, and as you tighten the hand, breathe in and hold the breath the count of 10 before exhaling and letting go. Notice the difference in sensation in your hand.” 

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