Aarti Sinha, sound healer

You will feel happy, positive

“People are currently confined to their homes. Children are not going to schools. Elders are working from their homes. We are losing our dear ones to the disease. We all are stressed. Stress can cause more than a hundred different kinds of diseases including hypertension and diabetes. Meditation won’t end the pandemic. It will only make you view it differently. Just sit at a silent place, chant any mantra and focus on your breathing. You can chant any mantra. You will see the results within days. Your temperament will improve, your relationships with others will improve.

You will feel happy, positive and confident. You will feel that you would be able to conquer problems. Let us all resolve to devote a few minutes every day to meditation. It will free your mind of tension and negativity, just as brushing your teeth frees your mouth of dirt. I conduct free and paid healing sessions, especially for those with comorbidities like cancer and diabetes. I have reached out to over 2,000 people in India and abroad including Brazil, Europe and America through online classes.”

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