Life after Covid is going to be vastly different.

You hunkered down for over a year. You learned to navigate grocery aisles with mask-fogged glasses, giving wide berth to all breathing creatures.

You’ve survived a tsunami of uncertainty, unrest, stress, upheaval, grief, and fear — a life disrupted.

And now, you are (or almost are) vaccinated and ready to venture out!

Why does this trigger even more stress?

It feels a bit like starting to date someone again after a really nasty breakup. You don’t trust them. You’re not even sure you trust you.

Only, this breakup was with the world as you knew it! You actually had to "unlearn" parts of trusting. Just because you loved someone or worked with them for years, you couldn’t assume they were "safe."

How weird is that?

Everyone is more on edge and reactive — your staff, your clients, your friends, and your family. Some just seem oblivious and that’s really annoying, too.

There's still so much loss and grief to process, not to mention massive uncertainty about what’s ahead.

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Life After Covid: Your Brain’s Perspective

Over the past year, that "stranger danger" you learned as a toddler became very real for your brain. And since your brain’s number one job is to keep you safe, it’s had to operate on high alert for far too long.

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