Do you have public speaking anxiety? Almost everyone has encountered that nervousness before a presentation, big or small.

You feel a certain sensation in your stomach. Your breathing gets shallow. Your chest feels heavy.

Even though you've prepared, you are certain that you will mess this up in front of all the stakeholders.

The classic "fight, flight, or freeze" response is the body’s automatic system built through the evolutionary process, designed to protect us from any threat of danger.

Although it originated in times of stress and enabled you to flee or fight in the face of predators, in business, the threats to your well-being are mostly psychological.

However, your body fails to differentiate between the two.

And because public speaking offers you the opportunity to expose yourself in front of people that matter to your success, it's not surprising that it's one of the greatest fears.

You may struggle then to fight against such instincts.

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If you have public speaking anxiety at work, here are 5 ways to overcome it.

1. Prepare well.

This doesn't mean just preparing your content and delivery. Make sure you have the lay of the land clear in your mind — i.e., the conference room, the technical equipment, the profile of the audience, and so on.

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