January this year, my entire family, including me, had Covid.  Trust me, to put it mildly; it was not pleasant. Not being able to breathe properly, I realized our most important gift is the ability to breathe. Have you noticed when you become fearful, your breath becomes shallow and fast?

 In current times with the Covid Crisis, most unexpected changes have taken place, thereby shaking our inner beliefs, faith, and trust. It is natural to feel fear. People have gone through losses of livelihood, family, and friends. If you find yourself anxious, stressed, or low in confidence, fear has taken the better of you. However, you can prevent your worries from ruling your life. It may seem gloomy and impossible; however, we do have the power to reinstall our inner strength more substantial than the external fears.

The solution often lies in the problem. The problem is the inability to breathe, relax, and feel lost due to a lack of routine and certainty.

While breath is our life-saving ability, when the going is good, we forget to practice breathwork. The number one tip for alleviating fear and anxiety is to work on your breath. It is the consistency in breathing that brings calmness. Practice deep, slow breathing. When you work on a pattern of exhaling your breath more prolonged than inhaling it, you practice letting go. Most stress is accumulated by absorbing external fears; as we do not exhale deep enough, the fears become part of our cellular memory, and we start believing and owning those fears as ours. 

Listen to music, or even better is to sing along. Our body is made of energy, and we vibrate on frequency. Fear drops our frequency, and we start connecting to low-frequency emotions like anger, hurt, and demotivation. Music can shift our frequency higher. In times when you cannot meet people, music can be your best friend. When you feel low, listen to upbeat music, and in times of stress, you can calm yourself with soothing music. When you sing along, you allow your energy to flow and your lungs to practice breathing.

Exercise helps your body to release endorphins. These endorphins interact with your brain to reduce your perception of pain and trigger positive feelings in the body. Although external mobility is restricted these days, with the help of music and breathwork, you can exercise effectively to induce positivity and motivation.

Breath helps airflow in our body, and water allows the physical, emotional, and mental toxins to flow and flush out of your body. In contrast, dehydration creates more blockages and holds you back in fear. Every time you feel fear rising, slowly drink a glass of water and practice mindfulness. Observe the fear, and remember your faith is stronger than the fear. 

A crisis is a time for collaboration and cooperation. Take the initiative to help each other and invoke the higher version of yourself rather than pull into the collective fears. You have the choice to rise and inspire yourself and others by being part of the solution. Reach out to family, friends, and support groups to discuss, communicate, and share solutions. 

Every lock comes with a key. For every problem, there is a solution. Step by step, we can collectively create a new, more empowering inner software not by blocking our fears but by working through them.

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