A nurse with Nova Scotia's COVID-19 vaccination clinics is working to combat vaccine hesitancy in younger people. 

Colette Weare says feeling nervous about getting a shot is normal, and there are things people can do to help ease anxiety.

"Taking a long, deep breath. That breathing tells our body to tell our brain that we can relax and everything is going to be okay," Weare said. "Another thing we can do is distracton. Distraction while you're getting immunized, and distraction while you're waiting."

Weare says people can also practice being in the moment which helps turn off mental chatter and allows us to relax a little bit.

She says the latest numbers indicate about 61 per cent of people between the ages of 20 and 24 have have gotten their first shot.

On Tuesday, Premier Iain Rankin urged people in their 20's to keep getting vaccinated. The Halifax Convention Centre is now open as a walk-in clinic for those who still need thier first dose.

The province has made efforts to reach those populations, including a video featuring the Trailer Park Boys and other communications. 

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