Engineers have developed a tiny inhaler-like device to help individuals breathe properly in case of an anxiety attack.

Anxiety attack inhaler

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The device, developed by Dendro Technologies, looks like an asthma inhaler but it is fitted with battery-powered hardware that is calibrated to enforce normal breathing patterns in an individual. All the user needs to do is breathe into the device and not stop until a series of green lights comes up. 

The person suffering from the attack is advised to breathe in from the nose and breathe out of the mouth and the flow of air from the mouth is registered by the sensor that denotes the correct pace for breathing and illuminates the three LEDs on top. The whole process takes about three minutes.

Additionally, it is also capable of releasing relaxing aromas such as the fragrance of lavender. They tested out this handy little device in a trial at Lenox Hill Hospital, New York where 35 patients with panic disorders were treated with the device.

Researchers said in a statement, “There are limited options in the management of anxiety and panic attack symptoms. Our hypothesis is that it will provide a drug-free, early intervention, and long-term treatment option that will improve patients’ anxiety and panic attack symptoms.”

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Anxiety attack inhaler

In another trial conducted at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, it is being targeted for stress management in 100 heart attack patients. While all patients will be given the necessary care for heart attack, half will also get to use this device, once a day for 12 weeks. 

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According to Sir Cary Cooper, a professor of psychology and health at Manchester University (highlighted by DailyMail), “Anxiety symptoms, such as breathlessness, are the same whatever the cause, whether it is general anxiety, or worrying about whether your pacemaker will work. This device seems to be a really good idea but it should be used alongside talking therapy and other treatments.”

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