After implementing a few unplugging Microsteps, I’ve found the improvement to my focus very beneficial. For example, leaving my phone off at certain times during the day allows me to be less distracted by constant messages and emails. Through Thrive, I’ve also become more aware of how important neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin are. The constant stimulation of those neurotransmitters by social media, apps, images, videos, and stories can sometimes be overwhelming. I find it very useful to regularly cut off from technology and to reset to normal levels. 

As a 25 year-old, I can see how challenging it can be to start new habits. Nevertheless, as I try new Microsteps I am always reminded of how beneficial these habits are for my well-being. Adding small things like deep breathing or meditating is a game changer. A small amount of effort can create a big impact. The difficult part is to be consistent, but the Thrive platform can help you with that. 

I love that the Thrive app and programs target different areas of life, all part of the overall self-improvement goal. For me, focus and prioritization, connection with yourself or others, movement, and nutrition are all very important. I tried exploring Microsteps both on the website and in the app and it’s been great so far! I’m looking to get to know the platform better and add even more Microsteps in my routine.

Some advice I have about reducing stress is to focus on small steps and fewer things. Try to focus on the most important things instead of everything all at once. Another piece of advice would be to be aware of your well-being and mental health. Acknowledge your mental health, add habits to your life that will help you, or remove things, and live better. 

Coming from different backgrounds and living my life in Turin, I’ve noticed how diseases or negative setbacks can stand in your path and push you down, but only if you acknowledge them and accept them as something you can’t fight back against. Everything is in your mind, just choose the thought you want and do it by choosing the right habits.

Be careful about which words you use and deliver out in your reality. Many people are used to playing the victim role and adding to a situation the wrong words or the wrong mentality that perpetuates this role. Be careful about distinguishing what is an obstacle you can’t overcome and what is just a temporary state of being, which can be changed with a snap of your fingers.

And finally, chase the things in life that bring you joy. What brings me joy is just being grateful for everything I have, observing and following habits of inspiring people on social media platforms, and visualizing my ideal life just before working on my goals. And it may be simplistic but I really love heat and sunny days. They bring me energy and I really feel better, more optimistic, and I glow on those days.

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