Struggling with stress, digital distractions and overall well-being? Experts say morning meditation and breathing exercises can help you fight these problems. When added to other positive habits like a balanced diet and an active lifestyle, regular meditation, they say, can do wonders to your overall health and fitness.

Also, morning meditation is more beneficial, as it fosters mental clarity, focus, and emotional resilience, setting a positive tone for the day. Says Mumbai-based certified yoga and wellness coach Madhu Raina Pande, founder of Wellness by Madhu, "You need to change your morning routine, and move away from waking up to gadgets. It will only contribute to stress and chaos. Keep screens and gadgets at a distance and start your day with meditation."

Pande adds, "Meditation isn't just about forgetting your commitments and escaping to a tranquil hideaway. It's an adaptable practice that harmonises with any moment you decide to embrace it."

If you haven't yet thought of starting your day with a meditation session, here are a few benefits you cannot ignore.

It lends cognitive clarity: Beginning the day with meditation promotes mental clarity, providing a focused and clear mindset. Studies also support dedicating a few minutes to meditation and breathing exercises as a way to align energies and initiate the day with a sense of calm vitality, thus setting a transformative tone.

Morning meditation helps reduce stress levels: Including a meditation and mindfulness session into your morning routine helps in stress management. Simply dedicating 5-7 minutes to morning meditation can lead to positive changes, resulting in a calmer and more composed state of mind.

It enhances emotional resilience: Practicing yoga and meditation in the morning aids in emotional fulfillment. Morning meditation equips you to regulate your feelings in a better way, further enabling you to navigate emotional challenges with increased resilience.

It promotes physical energy: Engaging in morning meditation and related practices generates robust physical energy. Increased oxygen intake due to enhanced circulation translates to higher energy levels throughout the day.

It boosts hormonal balance: If you are struggling with hormonal imbalances, a regular session of morning meditation will help alleviate your problems. Regular morning meditation helps in stabilising hormonal levels, fostering improved overall hormonal balance and well-being.

Mediation improves sleep quality: A shift to morning meditation can lead to reduced usage of mobile phones during night hours, effectively reducing restlessness and promoting relaxation. Alongside, starting the day with meditation sets a positive tone for enhanced sleep patterns.

It gives you a chance to introspect: Lastly, exercising meditation at the start of the day facilitates self-reflection, fostering heightened self-awareness and personal growth, and keeps chaos at bay.

Position yourself, prime, go:

If you wish to start meditation, you can get yourself enrolled to an online workshop, connect with a yoga and meditation expert in person or on social media, or listen to one of the many meditation podcasts. Begin by choosing a technique you are comfortable with. While consistency and commitment are important, remember that meditation shouldn't feel burdensome. Rather, it must be that one thing you look forward to in your day.

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