In order to gain awareness of our emotions and ease the pain that can come from anxiety, we simply need to center our attention on our breathing. This is easier said than done, especially when we're in a moment of distress, but breathing is definitely the one constant in our lives. Mindful recommends a person pay attention to their body while it is still, bringing awareness to the inhales and exhales our body is doing for us. This will work to bring us into the present and meet each moment with awareness and mindfulness.

In addition, Art of Living asks those seeking mindfulness to try different types of breathing for relaxation. From exhaling through pursed lips, as in straw breathing, to deep inhales and longer exhales, as in diaphragmatic or belly breathing, all approaches to cleansing breathing can benefit our state of mind. Those who try meditative breathing use it multiple times a day. There is another approach to breathing that is helping people become more aware and more centered. This technique is called AIR breathing. 

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