Difficult periods can be managed better thanks to nutrition which is always the best starting point.

Health passes from what you eat and so on nutrients can be optimized at certain times by giving the body a greater intake of what we know to be useful at that moment.

To do this, it is important to understand what is good for you and what to eat in general and which foods to introduce or the quantities to increase in particular situations.

Coping with stress with nutrition: what to eat

When the brain has to work hard or in any case he is in a moment of life in which he is subject to particular stress, it may be useful to modify the diet a little and implement it with the necessary. Food items have the ability to support concentration and therefore the cognitive work, however, they are fundamental: hydration, rest, exercises, breathing.

How to manage stress: what to eat (tantasalute.it)

Concentration and mental well-being are favored by Omega 3, from flavonoids and healthy fats, all compounds essential for mental health. Of all the products that are useful for eating, the following stand out in particular: blueberries which have a rich source of flavonoids and therefore are optimal for combating free radical damage that leads to brain aging, are also a source of vitamin C and dietary fiber. Just eat 150 grams of it in two portions a day.

Even the cacao it is a valid ally but be careful, pure chocolate, not chocolate with sugar and fat. This food is rich in flavonoids and 30 grams per day is enough to take up to 600 mg. So you can consume this amount of dark chocolate at least higher than 70%. Even the nights helps the mind and brain cells, they should always be eaten for the contribution of Omega 3. The ideal is 30 grams per day so about 10 walnuts.

A fundamental food in the diet is the pesce, for the mind especially salmon which contains eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). These acids are very beneficial for brain health, have high quality vitamins and selenium. According to the World Health Organization, two portions of oily fish should be eaten a week, in the amount of about 250 grams. Avocado is also an amazing product, as tasty as it is healthy with vitamins, folic acid, minerals. It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory, the advice is to eat half a day.

Instead, I’m from avoid overly processed foods, refined sugars, fats, fast food products and the like. All these only add weight to the body, lead to exhaustion and sleepiness and also mental problems.

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