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Going on a trip is amazing, but it can also leave us stressed out with anxiety. Lot's off people (including me) have travel aniety and psychiatrist Dr. Nina Vasan says it’s more common than you may think.

“Travel can be really stress-inducing because so many things are outside of your control,” she explains. “From weather and mechanical delays to traffic and lost bags, there are a lot of stressors that you can’t necessarily plan for or solve. Things that happen while you’re traveling can also have huge impacts on your day or life.”

If you feel anxious when you travel, Dr. Vasan recommends these tips to ease stress during your next trip:

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  • Have a backup plan - Before you start traveling, Vasan recommends thinking ahead to figure out what you’ll do if things go wrong, like your flight gets canceled. She says having a “crisis plan” in place can decrease anxiety because you’ll already know how you’ll handle things if they come up.

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If you have plans to travel for Thanksgiving, but normally get anxiety, try these tips to see if they help.

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