France: Former World No.1 Simona Halep suffered a mid-match ‘panic attack’ during second round contest in the French Open 2022 against China’s Zheng Qinwen. On Thursday, May 26, the 30-year-old tennis star lost 6-2, 2-6, 1-6 and crashed out of the clay court tournament.

During the second half of her match at Court Simonne-Mathieu, she struggled with her breathing and called her trainer for treatment. Halep strained to gather herself as she lost 11 out of the final 12 games.

Halep, who won the French Open back in 2018 at Roland Garros, said that she didn’t have much clue about proceedings and lost focus completely.

“I don’t have it often. I don’t really know why it happened, because I was leading the match. I was playing well. But it just happened and, as I said, I lost it. I couldn’t focus,” Halep was quoted as saying after the match.

“After the match it was pretty tough but now I’m good. I’m recovered and I will learn from this episode. [It was] nothing dangerous, in my opinion, but it happened. So it’s good that now I can smile,” Halep said after the match,” she added.

However, instead of giving up, Halep said that she put in the hard yards and is proud of her achievements until now. Halep also said that she needs more time to get back to her best.

“Hi everyone, I’m writing down these words because I feel like sharing with those who care. As always, I feel such great support from my fans, and I’d like to say thank you to all of you!”

“You are great! You are supporting me unconditionally, and this means a lot! I’m generally not a dramatic person, and I hope I don’t sound like this by writing these words now. The last 18 months were very tough, emotional, and physical. After losing in Doha, my message to the people very close to me was that I could not do it anymore, that I was done with tennis.”

“But somehow, I got the fire back and started to feel the love for tennis again, and I decided to work hard and make significant changes. I am very proud of myself for all I have done lately. I could only do this with Patrick’s help, and I want to thank him for being by my side. The results are tough, of course, because the expectations are high.”

“I’m a grand slam winner, I’m a former number 1, and I am expected to win. But nothing should be taken for granted. To be able to touch the highest mountain in tennis again, I need time and a lot of hard work. It is not my personality to give up, so tomorrow is a new day and I’ll be ready to start again! By the way, now I know how it is to have a panic attack; not easy to handle, but I’m over it now, and I am smiling already! Love Simona.”


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