Feeling Anxious?

by Amanda Jane Snyder


deep breathing exercisesAmanda Jane Snyder

I've been there. And TBH there are still times when I catch myself feeling so overwhelmed with life that my body goes into fight or flight mode.

You see, that's how our body responds to stress. It can't always recognize the difference between stress from exercise, relationship stress, work/career stress, and running from a tiger stress.

So it copes by going into fight or flight. It's protecting us.

Problem is, that means a lot of us are living in a chronic high stress state all the time.

I noticed this for myself when I got my hormone levels checked and discovered my cortisol (stress hormone) was chronically elevated.


That's why I wanted to share with you my 8 min ab routine that not only activates our deep inner core muscles, but it also trains us to get out of fight or flight, and into a state of calm and rest.

Do you focus on your WHERE and HOW you breath?

Take a moment to breathe as deeply as you can. Where did you breathe? Did you breathe more in your chest? In your ribs? What about your belly?

Where you breathe will determine whether you are activating that fight/flight mode (sympathetic nervous system) or not.

I do this series DAILY and it mostly consists of redirecting our breath.

Yes, I do it everyday. And yes, it only takes literally 8 min. It will help to redirect your breath, focus your mind, and get your body use to dealing with challenging situations. Give it a try! You got this!

Love always,

Amanda Jane

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