BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - School is back in session for many students, and doctors say a number of factors including stress and building good habits are a top priority.

Dr. Ann Marie Eschberger with Baylor Scott & White Health told KBTX that back-to-school jitters can increase stress and parents should take notice.

“I think talking to your kids and letting them know stress is normal and we all experience it, but were going to learn how to face that challenge and come out on the other end,” said Eschberger.

Although some students have already started the school year, Eschberger said it is not too late to form good habits for sleep, as well.

Because staying up late and poor nutrition can add to a students mood during the day, she said it can be beneficial to try and help their children relax.

“Work hard to create a bedtime routine with your child,” Eschberger said. “That could be reading a book, or listening to music or breathing techniques.”

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