Dr. Patterson herself is no stranger to grief. "I have had my own grief journey since the death of my son 10 years ago due to mental illness and suicide," she shared. "I relied on my spirituality and leaned on my faith, family, and friends ... The most helpful friends were the ones who just listened and did not try to give a lot of advice." 

Patterson learned a lot about self-care through her grief process. "During the early weeks and months, running and other aerobic activity was the only way to stop the rumination ... about my son's death." She continues to use her self-care strategies, as she knows that grief doesn't have an expiration date. "I have found that grief from this kind of loss does not really end; one learns to live with it."

Dr. Jan E. Patterson, MD is a Professor of Medicine at UT Health San Antonio Long School of Medicine and medical director for the Integrative Medicine Program at University Health. Lead author of "Breath for the Soul: Self-Care Steps to Wellness," Patterson believes in using all the tools in the toolbox for better health and works to integrate holistic therapies with conventional ones. 

Co-author Phyllis Clark Nichols is an award-winning writer who weaves her faith and her Southern culture into her writing and speaking. A seminary graduate and a classically trained musician, Clark Nichols has also authored nine character-driven novels that explore profound human questions.

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