Revving up your energy level requires more than just giving yourself a pep talk: You need an action plan! Start by listing ways to reduce stress and increase your energy levels, as well as workout ideas that give you energy dividends. In addition, choose foods that will produce better outcome power.

There are foods that can contribute to energy production and don’t leave you feeling overloaded, and you can let go of those popular but controversial energy drinks. Movement builds your energy supply, while being sedentary (sitting) can sap your energy. Short, intense workouts can be very effective as opposed to long workouts.

Quality sleep and rest can also boost your energy. Getting adequate sleep can be a challenge for professional drivers, so it’s important to prioritize it. Ensure that your bunk is sleep-friendly and offers at least some of your personal comforts of home. Sometimes, it’s about the quality of sleep rather than the quantity.

In the September edition of The Trucker, you can find a comprehensive guide to help boost energy. The article covers the following seven steps:

1. Action plan: Ways to rev up your energy.
2. Food: What vitamins and foods can boost energy, and what energy bars actually work?
3. Workouts: Exercises that are time-efficient and produce results.
4. Sleep: Effective sleep strategies for both daytime and nighttime.
5. Stress: How to manage responses to stress, new and improved breathing tips for daily life, and the best ways to beat stress.
6. Fatigue: Shedding light on muscle fatigue versus brain fatigue, as well as the diseases that cause fatigue.
7. Energy boosters: Powerful ways to increase your energy.

Boosting your energy requires a holistic approach that includes taking care of your physical and mental well-being. Implementing these seven steps can help you improve your energy levels and overall health.

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