When we’re stressed or overwhelmed, it’s easy to forget what brings us joy.

I chose this meditation because I find it helpful to reconnect to the experiences, people and places that elicit joy for me.

With greater clarity and insight into what brings joy, we can take action, spending more time with the people we enjoy and on activities that matter most to us.

This exercise introduces listeners to the gentle practice of self-inquiry, where we invite a question and see what arises without forcing an answer.

To get the most out of this exercise, it is best to do this while seated.

You can do this anywhere and at anytime of day, although, as with most meditation practices, it’s nice to have privacy and a quiet space. But don’t let the absence of those conditions stop you.

Sometimes, we need to think about joy when we’re sitting at our desks at work, waiting for a doctor’s appointment or dealing with chaos at home.

And no matter where you are, you can always send yourself this phrase of loving kindness: May you feel joyful as often as possible.

Samantha Snowden is a Headspace teacher in Los Angeles. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in psychology from UCLA and master’s degrees in clinical and educational psychology from Columbia University. You can find her on Instagram.

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