7 Diabetes Tips to Control Blood Sugar Spike in Winters

02 Dec, 2023

Jigyasa Sahay

Diabetes has a tendency to increase during winter season.Blood sugar level may spike due to constricted blood vessels, decreased oxygen levels.

Sometime low oxygen levels may lead to false readings as well. Hence, it is important to follow these tips in colder months.

Do not skip workout: At least have proper exercises, yoga for 15-20 minutes.

Keep yourself warm. Layer yourself when going out as cold temperature can stress the body.

Practice deep breathing exercises or meditation to de-stress the body. Its is an important tip for diabetes management especially in winter season.

Stress management is very essential for proper reading and regulating blood sugar.

Mindful Eating: Incorporate more leafy vegetables, winter specials like beetroot, carrot etc.

Monitor Glucose levels: As low oxygen may lead to false reading, ensure proper body temperature before taking reading.

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