National Stress Awareness Day 2022: 6 stress busters to help you out

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We all feel stressed from time to time and, unfortunately, stress affects your entire well-being. It leads to headaches, appetite changes, mood swings and more. The effects of stress evolve over time. Long-term stress has a negative impact on your immune system and can cause multiple health problems or make the existing problems worse. Some of the ways to good stress management include building emotional strength, getting control on your anxieties, building a positive outlook, and having a good social network. It is to be noted if long work hours are affecting you, then that’s not stress. But if you are losing sleep because of a work overload, feeling impatient, or behaving in other unwanted ways, then you need to make a change.

On the occasion of Mental Health Awareness Day today, 2 November, let’s have a look at some stress busters that can help you deal with it:

1. Join a class: Go to your local gym and join a class. Whether it is swimming, dancing, aerobics, or something like yoga, participating in an activity can help release your tension.

2. Connect with people: A good support network of colleagues, friends and family can help you work on your troubles and see things in a different way. What we do with friends can help us relax. Talking things with a friend can help you find solutions to your problems.

3. Meditation: Meditation gives short-term stress relief to people as well as long lasting stress management benefits. There are different forms of meditation with each one being unique and having its own appeal.

4. Challenge yourself: Set goals and challenges for yourself, you may learn a new language or a new sport. This helps you build confidence and deal with stress.

5. Focus on breathing: Just focus on your breathing and change the way you breathe. It can make a big difference and have an impact on your stress levels. Breathing techniques can make your body and brain calm in just a few minutes.

6. Laugh out loud: Watch a funny video and find other ways to laugh. A good laugh can lower the levels of stress-causing hormones. When we laugh, we stay in the moment, which is a stress reliever for us.

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