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Stress is everywhere around us. Between work and trying to pick up that perfrect side hustle to having a social life, how are you even able to find time to relax? Richard Templar, author of “The Rules Of…” says it’s not as hard as you may think to relax.

 “Yep, you can train yourself to respond in more relaxed ways to stressful situations, and the more you practice, the easier it gets to turn off the stress and worry,” he tells “Metro UK.” “Of course, you’ll never sail through the worst of life’s crises, but anything that takes the edge off is worthwhile.” To help, Templar shared six quick and easy ways you can train your mind to relax.


  1. Stay in the present. When you’re worried about things that are coming up, it’s important to focus on the “now.” Things like yoga, meditation, gardening or running can help.
  2. Give yourself a choice. You can’t ignore the situation happening, but you can ignore being stressed so give yourself the choice: do XXX and be stressed, or do XXX and not be stressed.
  3. It sounds simple but taking deep breaths and focusing on your breathing when you’re overwhelmed can relax you.
  4. Change your language. Instead of saying things that’ll fuel your stress, change your words to minimize it. Instead of calling it a crisis, think of it as a glitch.
  5. Slow down. Instead of trying to handle everything at once, break it down into smaller steps and do one thing at a time.
  6. Plan a relaxing break. Even if you can’t actually go, planning a dream trip for this year, next year, or years from now, can give you something positive and fun to focus on.

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