The best kind of self-help is anti-self-help, and comedian Lawrence Mooney knows all about that.

He's already written a book all about quitting – 'Embracing Your Limitations: How To Accept Your Inner Loser And Win At Life' – and now he's taking his tricks to the stage in a show based on his knowledge and featuring his trademark comedy.

Lawrence is regularly on stage around the country, playing to packed houses wherever he goes. He's been nominated for The Barry Award at Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and has also won Best Show at Sydney Comedy Festival.

He's no stranger to our screens either, appearing as the host of 'Dirty Laundry Live', and working on 'Agony Uncles', 'Agony Of Life' and 'Modern Manners'.

Before Lawrence hits the Adelaide Fringe stage, he kicks things off with five tips regarding self-help.

“Having read a whole pile of self-help and written a searing and hilarious parody, 'Embracing Your Limitations', I can save you a lot of time by summarising all self-help.”


Calm down. They all speak about finding your calm, your happy place, meditating, breathing etc. So stop the hysteria.


Focus. Set yourself short-term, achievable goals and get that task done. Sorry, but you have to work. Mind you, getting the dole is also an achievable short-term goal.


Nearly every self-help book says diversify. Have a couple of projects but don’t forget step two.


Listen to peers you respect. Also listen to the ones you don’t have any respect for, they’re very informative in what you don’t want to do.


Change is for buskers. You don’t need to change, you need to resolve yourself to yourself and get on with it. Stop licking your wounds and think about what needs to be done.

Lawrence Mooney plays The Box at The Garden of Unearthly Delights (Adelaide Fringe) 6-19 March.

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