It seems only natural that in order to balance the body, mind, and spirit, we would need to begin with the foundation: the root chakra. The first chakra is associated with our primal drive for survival. Our relationship with our family, money, nourishment, safety and shelter all stem from the root chakra (via WellBeing). The grounding energy of a balanced root chakra will help you feel part of the world and that you belong. An ungrounded root chakra is imbalanced and activates the body's fight or flight responses. 

To balance the first chakra, we must ground ourselves. Earthing (walking barefoot on the ground), eating root vegetables, and practicing yoga poses which focus on the strength of the legs and core, are a great place to start. You could also try gardening, wearing red (the color associated with the root chakra), and practicing alternate nostril breathing (via Chopra).

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