Do Breathing Toys require a smartphone/tablet to operate?

No, two headsets connect to a breathing controller, which connects to a race board with two racing cars. Because toys are connected to electrical outlets that may possibly be damaged or wired incorrectly, we have made sure that safety of users is never compromised.

Where do I find safety instructions and what are the warnings?

What to check if car does not move?

How can I count laps?

Can we store and process results digitally?

What age group are Breathing Toys designed for?

Breathing games are officially suited for age 7+ years. We have great results with 5+ years old users though. The problems with users aged under 5 years are 1) headset being too large (kids need to hold it in place), 2) their exhalation being too short and thus some games are being less enjoyable. We suggest: measure your kids exhalation through pursed lips (like blowing a candle). If it is above 3sec, then they can start breathing games, if below 3s it may just make them frustrated. Please understand that officially breathing games are designed for kids at or above 7 years of age.

How is electrical safety assured in Breathing Toys?

When using Breathing Toys a user is never connected to high voltage even if both systems (installed 230 V electrical wiring and breathing toy) would fail simultaneously. We have achieved such a reliable separation by using double step galvanic isolation that is standard safety procedure in home electronics industry today.

Are batteries included?

Yes, batteries are included in the package.

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