With so much new content landing on Netflix each week, it’s hard to keep up sometimes. From original films, limited series and documentaries galore, a weekend doesn’t go by where we’re furiously adding things to our watchlist and avidly checking what’s on the trending charts for the ultimate binge-watch TV session.

As well as some unexpected favourites cropping up in this month’s trending section so far, a brand new series has quickly risen to the prime number one position on Netflix. Keep Breathing may have only been released last week but it’s become the show that everyone’s talking about. Why, you may ask? Well, it has all the elements of a TV series that we love: a female lead, classic thriller elements, the looming threat of potential death and disaster, and an overall message of endurance.

The series focuses on Liv Rivera (In The Heights’ Melissa Barrera) who manages to hitch a ride on a small private plane, but then disaster strikes. Alone, scared and stranded, the young lawyer must battle the elements to stay alive. But really, her personal demons are the ones that could prevent her from doing so.

It already sounds intriguing, right? Well, here’s everything you need to know about Keep Breathing

Keep Breathing Netflix
Keep Breathing is now available to stream on Netflix.

What is the plot of Keep Breathing?

The new series is being likened to cult-favourite survival drama Lost – but with some additional (and emotional) elements.

When her flight is cancelled, New York lawyer Liv Rivera (Barrera) manages to persuade a small private plane to let her board, all in an attempt to see her mother before she moves on from the Canadian town of Inuvik.

But then, disaster strikes. When the small plane crashes in the middle of the Canadian wilderness, she is the lone survivor who must battle the elements – and her personal demons – to stay alive.

As well as the obvious cold elements, poison berries and threat of bears forever looming, Liv has to also battle a demeaning inner voice that has stemmed from past childhood trauma. This may be a survival drama about being stranded in the wild, but really, the series has garnered attention because of its unexpected focus on self-confidence, trauma and perseverance.  

Keep Breathing Netflix
Melissa Barrera stars as Liv in Netflix's Keep Breathing.

Who stars in Keep Breathing?

Alongside Barrera, the series also stars Jeff Wilbusch (Unorthodox) and Austin Stowell (12 Strong). Florencia Lozano (Narcos) and Juan Pablo Espinosa (Cocaine Godmother) play Liv’s parents.

Barrera has spoken about how taking on the role was nearly as difficult as Liv’s journey. “This tough and intense experience forced me to stretch in ways that I normally don’t, and it changed me as both an artist and person outside work,” she told NBC News. “The Melissa I was coming into Keep Breathing and the Melissa that left after those three months was very different, and I’m a stronger woman because of it.” 

Keep Breathing Netflix
The survival drama has quickly risen to Netflix's top 10.

What has been said about Keep Breathing?

Well, obviously the series has quickly risen to the top of Netflix’s ranking chart for a reason. Opinions may be somewhat divided about Keep Breathing but the six-episode series has proven to be the perfect watch for thriller fans.

It’s a new take on the survival drama genre that many are loving.  

The limited series has certainly left an impact on many viewers.

Of course, as the lone survivor in the drama, Melissa Barrera’s performance was a standout one for a lot of people.

And you may want to make sure you have some tissues to hand for the finale.

How can I watch Keep Breathing?

Keep Breathing is available to stream on Netflix now. 

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