No pain no gain.

That is what they say right? I am relatively good at knowing what is ok pain and one that makes you step back and go, what in the name of jaysus are you putting yourself through? However I generally an eejit for trying to ignore it until it sorts itself out on its own. Running on a calf injury, never looking at my shoulder after a rugby injury a decade ago, and training when I can barely get the body out of the bed in the morning.

I woke up one morning this week as if someone beat me with a baseball bat for a solid six hours. My back in particular proved to be quite cumbersome, especially with the restriction to my breathing. However I start to feel quite good when the blood gets flowing, so that is why I keep running and going to the gym, it revitalizes you, but then on the other end may prove to be silly in long run!

But hey I am a silly guy

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Chest and back started off the week. Supersetted as we generally do, with the mind of increasing weight throughout the next ten weeks. Getting out of my comfort zone. I was quite excited when Davy mentioned we would be getting back to a bit of deadlifting, not only deadlifting any old thing, but lifting the car he has in the gym. It looks badass and the form is crucial, with the legs providing the initial boost needed before straightening out. After a few warm-ups, I went to the car, and initially, my form was not up to scratch. I had gotten it up before so I knew mentally I had to get my head around it. With my weight belt on, I managed to get three lifts with decent form. Unfortunately, I felt a twinge in my back that I am still finding difficult to cope with as I type this. However, at the time there was this euphoric feeling with being able to lift the car. In short, I felt badass.


The 5km every day as mentioned is still ongoing, so with that in mind, I needed to get out before leg day began. Davy busted out the Mark Bell Hip Circle. The Hip Circle can be used for hip and glute activation/strength as well as dynamic warm-ups. I certainly felt certain muscles that I haven’t felt in a while being activated. Doing crab walks, squats, and lunges with the residence band to get started. Leg Press was next after last week’s weight, we added another 20 kg onto the machine. In all honesty, managing even more reps on the higher weight than last week. Hack squats, leg extensions with a drop set, and hamstring curls finished me off.


Saturday was a no-go due to work, but Davy readjusted and had me in on Sunday to train with Lee. My shoulder is getting stronger by the week, the pain easing more and more, and at one stage I could finally activate the full power in my muscles without being hampered by pain. The back was still tender, with breathing being difficult, if it is not one thing it is another. Viking press, seated press, and lateral raise all proceeded triceps and biceps, which went on until burning out. I had another 5km run to contend with in the Park right after, the 15th of the year so nearly halfway through

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