Good Vibrations Voice Therapy, PLLC is now open in Warrenville. The speech pathology practice partners with patients to improve voice, swallowing and breathing. The business primarily serves adults and older children. Treatment focuses on individual care plans and collaboration.

"I'm excited to provide voice, swallowing, and breathing therapy in the western suburbs," says president, Ann Kolker Rychel. "My approach is always collaborative. I work with other medical professionals, family members, coaches, and teachers. But most importantly, I'm always asking for feedback from my patients. We work together to make a plan that will help them meet their goals."

The practice is different because of its focus on voice, swallowing, and breathing. Speech pathologists need additional, specialized training in these areas to provide quality care. Voice, breathing, and swallowing disorders all involve the same areas of the throat, mouth, and upper airway. Speech pathologists must understand how these structures function uniquely for each task.

Ann Kolker Rychel, comments, "These areas are so complex and so life-changing. I have the honor of working alongside my patients to help them achieve their goals. It's inspiring to help someone who thought they'd never sing again return to a choir. Or help someone who hasn't been able to swallow for weeks enjoy their first meal. And it's amazing to see an athlete who hasn't been able to breathe during competition return to games or meets."

About Us:

Good Vibrations Voice Therapy, PLLC is located at 27475 Ferry Road in Warrenville. We are accepting new patients for in-person or virtual therapy. We accept Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO plans & Medicare. Superbills are available for out-of-network reimbursement.

For more information about conditions we treat, check out our website or give us a call at 630-326-4208.


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