Tori Kelly has been hospitalized for blood clots after passing out in a Los Angeles restaurant, TMZ reports.

The singer is being treated for blood clots in her legs and lungs, according to TMZ, as doctors are working to ensure there aren't any more in her system. A source told TMZ Kelly's condition is serious, and she's currently in the Intensive Care Unit. TMZ reports that Kelly was taken to the hospital after experiencing a fast heartbeat and passing out while at dinner with her friends. 

According to the Mayo Clinic, blood clots are helpful in preventing bleeding after an injury, but can become harmful if they form in the veins without good reason. Clots in your body can travel to places like the heart and the lungs, which can cause serious medical conditions that may even lead to death. While symptoms of blood clots may depend on the condition they cause, the Mayo Clinic notes symptoms can include pain and swelling in a limb, a change in skin color in the affected area, fast heartbeat, light headedness, difficulty breathing, and more.

Kelly has been posting on Instagram in the past week to promote a new EP scheduled to come out on July 28. According to People, the singer recently released her first single in nearly three years.

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