A smart industry plant has topped out in Anting Town, Jiading District, injecting strong impetus into domestic radar development.

The roof-capping ceremony of the main structure of the plant, which will feature a national-level laboratory cluster for the research, development and testing of millimeter wave radar technology, was held on Monday.

Relying on advanced technologies such as cloud storage, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence, the plant will boast an annual output of 5 million radar products and will fuel the development of China's domestic automotive parts manufacturing industry toward digital and smart orientation.

It is being built by Chuhang Technology, which focuses on the development and production of 77GHz to 79GHz millimeter-wave (MMW) radar sensors, and which signed strategic cooperation agreements with Xiangshan Technology Development Co and Guangxi Qishi Digital Technology Co on the construction of the smart plant and a joint laboratory.

Smart plant in shape for radar development in Jiading District

Ti Gong

A roof-capping ceremony was held for the main structure of the plant.

With the development of smart autos on the fast track in China, there have been higher requirements on the reliability and innovation technology of the relevant industry and supply chains.

As the key sensor component of auto pilot driving perception systems, the mass production of millimeter-wave radar would influence the development of China's autonomous driving industry, experts said.

Anting had strong advantages in talented professionals and industry scale in terms of the auto industry, said Yan Jianming, Party secretary of the town.

It is hoped the company would lead the development of domestic millimeter-wave radar through its innovation power, Yan added.

Chuhang unveiled its "invisible" automotive radar, named ART, during the recent 20th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition.

After ART is installed into a car's windshield, the radar is almost invisible with its function becoming more powerful using the company's technology.

It can also be used in biological detection such as monitoring heart rate and breathing.

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