Did you know that Covid-19 can cause ringing in the ear and even hearing loss? Initially, it is often difficult to associate problems of this nature with an infection that mainly attacks the respiratory system. However, coronavirus infection can affect numerous regions and functions of the body. And it’s no different with hearing.

At least that’s what the main studies on the subject say. A report by the Manchester Biomedical Research Center (BRC) in the United Kingdom, which analyzed the results of 24 studies on the subject, showed that, overall, 7.6% of the patients surveyed suffered from hearing loss and 14.8% had tinnitus after contracting the coronavirus.


Another British study, this time carried out with the support of the British Tinnitus Association and the American Tinnitus Association, indicated that 40% of patients who had symptoms of Covid-19 had simultaneously a worsening of ringing in the ear.

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